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*La consegna in 48h è valida soltanto per i prodotti contrassegnati con l'etichetta "consegna in 48h"

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Gift Card Declea

Gift Card Declea

Gift Card Declea

Regular price €20,00
Buy the Declea Gift Card.
Give a piece of furniture as a gift for a special person, offering the possibility to choose from thousands of products!

Choose the amount you prefer from €20 to €200 usable on, valid for one year from the date of purchase.

After purchasing the Gift Card , you will automatically receive an email with the gift voucher code, which you can print or send to the person you are thinking of giving it to!

The Declea Gift Card is "deductible" and can therefore be used for multiple purchases until the value is completely used up or until a purchase is partially paid for.
It cannot be recharged and does not give the right to cash refunds.

Can be used one or more times, within the limits of its value and validity.
Any remaining amount on the card cannot be refunded.

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